Mourinho: "Kaka is not a problem"

Jose Mourinho training with Real Madrid at UCLA 2012
Jose Mourinho

What did you like most about your team?
We and LA Galaxy wanted to train. I spoke yesterday with Bruce (Galaxy's coach) and he said he would play with two teams, me too. He is playing and fighting in the championship and we have four days of training. It was a very good training game and the players played 45 minutes. Players who came from the Euro 2012 were fresher. For the others was difficult because cost them a little more to assimilate all the work. This is normal. I liked the attitude of the team. The team played with joy, wanted to win and to leave a good image to the people. I have been here for many preseasons and always prepare these matches in this way. We also appreciate the attacking play performed by LA Galaxy.

Will Real Madrid recover the huge investment made to sign Kaka?
It's a complex question with a difficult answer. He is a great player. If he stays with us we will try to get his best as last year, because although he had not a brilliant season, he helped us. Last season he gave us his contribution in the title that we won. Until August 31 we want him to stay. He is a hard working guy and is important for his teammates. In some matches he can help us a lot.

How are you working with Kaka?
We work well. We've been through a lot. He spent the first season recovering from injuries from previous seasons. The second campaign gave a good contribution. I know him and I know what he has in mind. We have talked and we don't need to send messages through the press. The important thing is that he should choose the best for him and his family. If he continues, we will be delighted. If he decides to leave for his happiness, we hope he can be happy in other team. For me there will be no problem if he wants to play for Real Madrid.

What about the defensive line?
The first match was this. The other matches were played with the youth team players. We can say we started training four days ago when arrived to the preseason the players who played the Euro 2012. It is the first game we played. It is a moment in which the teams are not perfect and are not in good physical conditions. We still need a few kilometers in the legs, so we will have to play more games in this preseason. We will play against Mexican, Italian and British teams. We will grow slowly. The moment of truth is when you start the league, which will be the time to respond. The team should be ready by then.

What is the most important in these early days in Los Angeles?
The most important thing today was to show the work of training on the field. We wanted to work hard and this first match has been good. That is the most important. Players are ambitious and the preseason is very short. We have to play hard. I am a very lucky coach. I have a fantastic group, hungry to win. We face another season in good conditions.

About Sahin?
Real Madrid is very difficult team to play. It is not easy. Now we have a peaceful situation because he wants to play every game, but it is complicated. If he stays, great. We have Xabi, Lass, Granero, Khedira, Özil. If he stays, we will be very happy and will encourage him to play.

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