Cristiano Ronaldo: "I would like to win the Ballon d'Or again"

Cristiano Ronaldo spoke to ESPN and acknowledged that he has hope for winning the Ballon d'Or. He thinks the Spanish league is the hardest to win and expect to see justice done. Also, thinks that Real Madrid and Barca will draw the same difference to their rivals this season.

Cristiano Ronaldo at UCLA 2012
Cristiano Ronaldo

"I will not lie. To win the Ballon d'Or would mean a lot to me. It is something I want because it is something that always excites me a lot. I think we are in the lot of the best. What I want is justice to be done because the Spanish league is the most difficult in the world and we compete against a big rival like Barcelona and we were the best. So I would love to win and I think my coach also deserves it", said the Portuguese.

The Portuguese star player spoke about his duel with Leo Messi: "I do not see other colleagues as individual rivals. He does his job for Barcelona and I do mine for Real Madrid, as I did in Manchester too. I'm a person who likes challenges and I will always be, but not challenges with a single player. I do my work when I play and I try to do better always", he said.

In his opinion, the differences between Madrid and Barcelona with the other teams will continue this season. "I do not want to disrespect the other teams, but I think this year Real Madrid and Barcelona will achieve, just as last season, a big difference. The English league has no such difference because in my opinion in terms of who wins the league is more competitive, but the Spanish league is the most difficult, and competing against a rival like Barcelona even more".

Cristiano Ronaldo does not believe that Barcelona will change too much with Tito Vilanova: "My take on Barcelona will not change for a coach. The basis of the players is the same, their mentality is the same. About the Spanish Super Cup, we know it will be a tough game, but we are preparing well, we are quiet , we are not only preparing for this match, but for the rest of the season", Cristiano commented.

Portuguese forward hopes to win this season's Champions League: "Last year we were very close. I think it is always possible. It is also a little luck, in a short race you have to have a little luck. I always I have the illusion of winning year after year. I think we will have good chances to achieve the title this season".

Finally, he was asked about his future and whether he will retire at Real Madrid. "No promises but I'm fine here and I want to fulfill my contract, that's it" he concluded.

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