Villas-Boas hopes to convince Modric to join the team

Luka Modric continues training alone and Villas-Boas continues to exert a mediating role with the Croatian footballer. Although the player is adamant in his position of leaving London for Madrid, the Portuguese coach has taken a conciliatory stance. Yesterday, just returned from the U.S. tour of the team, spoke at the British press about his intention to 'rehabilitate' Modric with the rest of the group. "I have to talk to Luka and I think he will understand the situation because he is a great professional. I have the hope that we will get him back, but if this not happens, I will continue monitoring the situation and improving his fitness with individual training".

Andre Villas-Boas

However, Villas-Boas said he will remain steadfast in his position: "Ideally, he would be with the team" and added: "He refuses and in this situation you should remind the player his responsibilities with Tottenham". Spurs coach acknowledged that the case of Croatian midfielder is a stone in his shoe, "Luka has to understand that it is a difficult situation for him, but also for us, because the level of bids received did not reach the level that we ask".

Luka Modric trained yesterday earlier than usual in the sports city of Tottenham to avoid meeting with coach Villas-Boas and his teammates, who returned on the morning of the U.S. tour. Croatian midfielder, who often goes to train about 10:30 am and remains on the facilities of the English team until 2:00 pm, left the clubhouse about 11:30 am.

Tottenham will play on Sunday its next preseason game against Watford. Villas-Boas will have to decide if he calls Modric for the match or the player continues training: "Now in London we will decide what is best for Luka and for us. He is currently working on double session. We will see".

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