Mourinho will give priority to the Spanish league

Change of plans. If last season Mourinho's team did the best to get in shape to the Spanish Super Cup, this year the duel against Barcelona to dispute the first title of season passes to the background. The priority is the Spanish league. The coach is not willing to jeopardize the season for the title less important of the four for which the Real Madrid will fight.

Messi vs Cristiano Spanish Super Cup 2011
Real Madrid and Barcelona will face again in the Spanish Super Cup

This summer the Super Cup has trap. Embedded as it is in the middle of three games of the league, to focus all attention on it can be very dangerous. And more with how expensive it is the Spanish championship. Any failure can be decisive in a league that last year demanded that Real Madrid reached 100 points. Mourinho is not going to give the Super Cup as a gift, that's obvious, but he will not neglect the three league days because he knows that a bad run of results in the Spanish competition can condition the rest of the season.

Last year's preseason Real Madrid focused on the Super Cup. Mourinho thoroughly prepared the first game of the season. Among other things, because the team needed a stroke of authority against Barcelona. To boost morale after losing Champions League. Now, after winning the league, Real Madrid no longer needs to prove team can beat its great rival. Team did it in the Spanish Cup and, above all, with the last league title.

Moreover, the preseason of last season thinking about performing the best in the Super Cup conditioned the team performance along the rest of the year. Being in good physical condition in mid-August, was harmful because many white players were tired in the decisive matches of the Champions League. Also last year was a summer free of competition for most of the white squad players and they could be forced. Not now, after Euro 2012 they have to plan well the campaign.

In addition, the friendly matches of national teams the same week the Spanish league starts, complicate the situation. International players will arrive just in time to prepare the first day. In the case of Real Madrid the rival on the first day will be Valencia. With this situation, it is reasonable to consider playing the Super Cup of Spain with non-regular or rested players thinking about not fail in the league. The season is too long to wear down the players to the first exchange.

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