Real Madrid refuses to play the Spanish Super Cup in Beijing

At the recent board of clubs held at the headquarters of the Spanish League Association (LFP) Real Madrid and Barcelona reached an agreement because they do not want to abide the contract that the Spanish Football Federation (FEF) has signed with the Beijing government. The contract has a clause: Five editions of the Spanish Super Cup will be played in China's capital, the first in August 2013.

Spanish SuperCup 2011: Real Madrid vs Barcelona
Spanish Super Cup 2011: Real Madrid vs Barcelona

This is an agreement, promoted by the two greats teams of the LFP, and will be supported by all the clubs. In this regard, and to formally unify the refusal in a document, Real Madrid and Barcelona agreed to hold a meeting these days at the headquarters of the LFP, where all the teams will sign the agreement to send it to the Spanish Federation chaired by Angel Maria Villar.

According to Real Madrid and Barcelona, Villar has acted unilaterally in negotiating this contract with China, ignoring the interests of every club in the LFP; sporting, social and merchandising. The Federation is responsible for organizing the Super Cup of Spain, in this there is no possible reply, but the clubs understand that the decision to play it in China should have been agreed.

As is known, the FEF signed the contract with Beijing, officially on June 1,despite the federal establishment denied all the informations about this. Jorge Perez, Spanish Federation's general secretary, signed the agreement in the Chinese capital, to hold five editions in seven years, in exchange for 35 million euros.

Real Madrid and Barcelona think that the contract violates the federation statutes and is harmful in every way; the schedule to travel to Beijing, the fans and of course the commercial deal with the brands that sponsor them. The LFP teams will join the complaint and the FEF will have to give up or there will be a serious conflict.

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