Kaka: Brazilian media talk about summer transfer

Ricardo Kaka, who still has three years of contract with Real Madrid, enjoys this summer 59 days of holiday and thinks seriously about leave Real Madrid to play in another European big team. That's what has been revealed by Joao Paulo de Jesus Lopes, vice president of Sao Paulo in a conversation with Luciano Borges, chief editor of Bandsports channel. The Morumbi club leader did not hide the interest of recruiting, nine years after his departure, the white playmaker, but he sees it, for now, an impossible dream: "In case of leaving Real Madrid, he prefers to go to a big team in Europe. Moreover, the player's salary is several million euros. It is beyond the reality of Brazilian football".

Kaka is on holidays at Disney World

Marco Aurelio Cunha, member of the Sao Paulo board (as consultant) has a different opinion. Kaka and Cunha were having lunch on May 24 in a meeting which was published by media. Cunha, who has announced his candidacy for president of the Sao Paulo in 2014, left his meeting with the player with the feeling that the economic issue would not be an obstacle to his return: "You cannot say it is impossible without consulting them. You cannot have an idea of ​​what could be necessary. It could be something like what was done with Luis Fabiano".

Sevilla striker left the Spanish championship by 7.6 million euros, which Sao Paulo will play in four years. In addition, the player reached an agreement with Andalusian organization by which he did not request part of the salary of the last season he played for Sevilla. Kaka, meanwhile, is considering his options with Mickey at Disney World.

The return to Brazi is a door that Ricardo Kaka, on vacation with his family in the U.S.A. (Disney Cup) remains opened: "I will return someday" he says. According to Luciano Borges, Kaka believes that: "England and even continue in Spain are two interesting optionsto him, but does not rule out giving up part of his wages and return to his country. The reason is the World Cup Brazil 2014: "He wants to return to the Brazil national team. He is in perfect physical condition and just needs games and minutes".

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