Benzema: "Higuain has no intention of signing for PSG"

Real Madrid striker Karim Benzema is convinced that Gonzalo Higuain will continue to share the dressing room with him next season at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium.

Karim Benzema playing for France
Karim Benzema

International media has been talking in recent weeks about the future of Higuain. Have you been told if he will sign for PSG?
He is with the Argentinian national team and I hope he stays. Gonzalo has no intention of signing for PSG nor for any other team. Now he has finished the season, has to rest because is a very important player for us.

Tomorrow at Euro you debut against England. What are your expectations?
We face the Euro 2012 in the best possible shape. These are times of change for us. The team is fine. The goal is to reach the final and win it, that would be a dream, but first we must pass the group stage.

Much is expected of you ...
I have no pressure. Everyone waits for me, but I am part of a great team. I have confidence in myself, more than in 2008 when I arrived and was surrounded by great team players who had achieved great things.

Do you look like the star of France?
I am just a football player, the other things are what the media talks about when there is no football.

Is the game against England going to be decisive?
The target is to move to the quarterfinals. We do not put any more pressure to finish in the first position of the group. It would be a mistake. England is a good team, but I fear no one in particular. I like Gerrard. I love his approach to the game. Against England we will have to take the spaces, move the ball quickly and not fall into their game, which will be a lot of contact and struggle.

How is the environment within the French national team?
We get along very well. We will spend a month living together, so we must enjoy it.

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