Real Madrid improves Di Maria's contract

Di Maria and Real Madrid have reached an agreement to improve the contract of the Argentinian player. The left midfielder arrived from Benfica for 25 million euros in the summer of 2010. The signing was criticized for its high price, but it was a request from Mourinho. In the transfer, the player accepted a low salary (2 million per season) for the high transfer Real Madrid had to pay, something that happened to Pepe. After two seasons at a high level, the club has agreed to raise his earnings over 3 million euros net.

Angel Di Maria with Real Madrid jersey
Angel Di Maria

Di Maria had already demanded an increase on June 17, 2011 in Radio La Red: "I am anxiously waiting for my renewal with Real Madrid. They had promised me that if things went well, I would renew with better conditions". The club did not respond to his claims and postponed the negotiations.

Since then, his agent, Jorge Mendes, has worked with Real Madrid to satisfy the economic ambitions of footballer. Another key to improving Angel Di Maria's contract was Mourinho. As already happen with the renewal of Pepe, the coach considers him essential as left end and wants him to be comfortable and happy.

Di Maria (known as 'Noodle') has played two good seasons with Real Madrid. In the first managed 9 goals and 20 assists. In the second missed 20 games due to injury, but scored ​​7 goals and gave 14 assists. He has been an important player for Real Madrid. With him the white team has won a Spanish Cup in the 2010-2011 season and the League this year.

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