Mourinho: "Xavi has to play football"

Jose Mourinho replied to Xavi for his statements that the FC Barcelona midfielder made ​​to Spanish media, in which the player said: "Mourinho is not going to stay in football history. Barcelona has always been exemplary and we cannot say the same about Real Madrid". According to the Portuguese newspaper Record, Real Madrid coach thinks Xavi has not been fair with him nor with Real Madrid and advised the midfielder that: "Xavi has to do what he can do, to play football". The article in the Portuguese newspaper also noted that in the opinion of the Real Madrid coach, Xavi does not need to be nice and populist to become what he already is, an idol of Barça.

Mourinho and Xavi Hernandez
Mourinho and Xavi Hernandez

Mourinho's spokesman, Eladio Parames also answered the second captain of Barcelona via Twitter: "Mr. Xavi: check your memory and not forget who supported you and helped you, when you were unknown in the world of football and you took the first steps in Barcelona". Minutes earlier, Parames had ironized to respond to the statement made by the Spanish international about Mourinho and the football history: "Mr. Xavi: to stay in football history you have to win the championship in five European countries. Mourinho won only in four ... ".

The Portuguese coach will attend the Euro 2012 to see the evolution of some interesting players for the summer market and to support his international players: "I believe it is my duty to stand by my players at such an important moment for them. I wish them all the luck in the world in a great tournament I value especially both for its sporting-competitive and socio-cultural significance". Yesterday he was seeing the match between Germany and Portugal which ended with a victory for the Özil and Khedira's national team by 1-0.

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