Real Madrid finishes the season in Kuwait

After three days without training, in the aftermath of the celebration of the League, and with the Eurocup or the holidays in mind, Real Madrid visits Kuwait to play the last match of the season against the national team in the country. Under this scenario, is not understood why such a long journey. However, there is a strong argument: the 2.5 million euro in exchange. From there, any argument that challenges the appropriateness of the match can be refuted. Other significant reason is the need to approach an Arab fan crowd eager to be surrounded by white players.

Cristiano Ronaldo attends a meeting in Kuwait with Real Madrid fans
Cristiano Ronaldo attends a meeting in Kuwait

The yesterday's reception was clear proof of that. Real Madrid was feted by two hundred Kuwaitis to its arrival and at the official dinner. Throughout this travel was not Xabi Alonso, who did not attend for personal reasons. The scenario posed a question that seemed to solve yesterday. The cross of the shield, that Madrid did not want to show to not offend the Muslim population, was present in the advertising boards and in the uniforms of the team.

Talking of sport in a friendly match like this is complicated. The Eurocup hits a friendly of this kind in which will play, at least for a while, all the stars of the team (so provides the contract). Kuwait's thinking is quite different. For them it is a party. Hence that there are no tickets on sale, despite the high prices (between 70 and 415 euros). For the Kuwait national team, a shot at redemption.

The Whites will face the Kuwait national team in the Kainfan Stadium, which has a capacity of 18,500 spectators. The final rival of this season is on the 86th position in FIFA ranking and 10th, along with North Korea in the classification of the Asian Confederation. Gone are their golden years in the late seventies and early eighties, when they hired Zagallo (1976-78) and Parreira (1978-83) as managers. Their bet was winner. Became champion of Asian Cup 1980 and participated in the World Cup in Spain. There, the football lights went towards them when in the match against France, Sheikh Al Sabah went down to the pitch of Jose Zorrilla stadium for changing a referee decision. Stupar, the referee attended him and incredibly changed the decision. Today, the football world will look at them.

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