Mourinho: "Cristiano deserves to win this year's Ballon d'Or"

Jose Mourinho attended a press conference at Kuwait's Regency Hotel before the tomorrow's friendly match that will face the Real Madrid and the Kuwait national team.

Mourinho in a press conference in Kuwait
Jose Mourinho attending the press conference

What is the objective of Real Madrid in this match?
"This is the first time we visit this country and we do it with curiosity, as if going for the first time to an unknown country. But we are not here as tourists. We are here to play and we will try to win the match. We know it is a friendly match, but Real Madrid always has to elevate its prestige as much as possible. That is why we have travelled with all the team. Everyone will play tomorrow to honour their names and the prestige of Real Madrid. They are a little tired because of the tough season we had and there are players already thinking about the Euro, but everyone is in good form".

Will all the players play?
"We have respect for Kuwait's national team and all the players will play. That is the sign of greater respect but people should realise we just celebrated winning the Spanish league title, we had a seven hour flight and we have hardly trained for this. It is important no injuries tomorrow because many of my men are already thinking about the Euro. We will intend to play a good game and we willl try to win".

What is the main contribution of Cristiano Ronaldo to Real Madrid?
"We have won the championship thanks to all the players on the squad, but Cristiano Ronaldo is special because he scores goals in all sorts of ways and in every position. He and Messi are above the rest and, if there is justice in football, Cristiano will win the Ballon d'Or this year".

What about the role of Coentrao, which has been the past season most expensive signing?
"He had some problems of valuation, but not for me or peers, but to the press".

Why have you chosen this date to play in Kuwait?
"Real Madrid wanted to play in Kuwait and has been waiting the opportunity. It would have been difficult to do in the preseason due to short holidays and the weather. My players would have liked to be on holiday now, but they have responded well to this venture for the prestige of Real Madrid. We are here to play a good match".

How would you describe the league title you just won?
"This league title was more complicated than the seven that I won, because we had a rival who is recognized as the best in recent times. It was a titanic struggle between the two best teams in the world".

Will you train today?
It will be in the pool.

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