Benzema: "I would like to play with Messi and Cristiano"

Karim Benzema reviewed the entire season, both the collective and individual, in an interview with RMC. Gone are to Karim adjustment problems, "Everything is going well now, we have won the league and we are all proud of this team. It is true that at first was a bit tricky because it was the first time I separated from my family. When I got home and saw me alone was not easy but with patience and work everything went better. I always had intended to play on this team and today I am happy".

Benzema celebrating a goal against Mallorca
Karim Benzema

Apart from his work, Zidane and Mou are key as explains the player: "Zidane's help was important for me. He is the best player of all time in France and spoke with me. And Mourinho always told me what he wanted from me. He trusts me and we talked a lot". Benzema admits that his instinct in the area has improved and that it has been also important: "When you are a Real Madrid striker you have to score. It is true that I am now more effective and I always want to score. With Mou all is very well.

About Ronaldo, Karim notes that: "It is easier to play with great players like him", while does not hide another of his challenges: "I always dream of winning the Ballon d'Or and of course it is possible. I hope to be on the good road". Benzema's other dreams are with Real Madrid and France: "The Champions League and the Euro are always another challenges. We have a great national team, but we can not say that we will win the Euro. I have many targets, but always work knowing that in football there are ups and downs".

Karim also highlights the Bernabeu stadium and the fans, which this year have supported him in every moment: "It is awesome. I do not know how to explain, is extraordinary to play in a full field". The Frenchman feels integrated into the locker room: "Apart from Lass and Varane because they are French, I get along also with others. Ozil, Ramos, the Portugueses, all". About Varane, Karim bets strong: "He is very strong, young, and you can see how improves in training. He has things very clear".

And the striker has only good words to Mourinho, especially with his way of motivating: "For me he is number one. I had great coaches, but for me is the best". Following his best year in Madrid, Benzema thinks only keep winning in white and maybe retiring after play for Real Madrid: "Why not finish my career here? I do not know if I will be as many years as Raul. We will see".

Finally, responding to the survey prepared by the journalists, there was an interesting answer to the eternal question, Messi or Cristiano: "I can not choose because they are different, I would like to play with both".

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