Mourinho: "I am already thinking about the future"

Jose Mourinho spoke yesterday about the ended season during the celebration day in the city of Madrid and has given a tremendous value to the league title recently won by Real Madrid. According to the Portuguese, who has won three of the toughest championships in Europe, says that this league championship has been the most costly: "All titles taste good. That is undeniable. But I can say it was the hardest of the seven championships I won. And we must bear in mind that Inter won a championship in the last game", said Portuguese coach.

Mourinho attending the media after celebrates the 32nd League Championship
Jose Mourinho

"This was more difficult because we had an opponent which is recognized as the best team in recent years. And throughout the tournament there was great pressure because if we did not win a match, we could lose points. It was a titanic struggle between the two best teams in the world so it was the most difficult but also very fair", he added.

"Our numbers are incredible and these kids will be remembered as the players who took 100 points. Winning titles is part of Real Madrid's history. Any team would have settled for winning the title with 90 points and 80 goals at the start of the campaign, but we earned incredible numbers. We have established new records. It would be important for the team to win the Champions League after reaching the semifinals two years in a row and most of my players have never won the title. We will win next year or in two years time".

And about the future: "We have to start working again because this club does not allow you to rest after winning a title. It wants its tenth European Cup. It would be important in my career to make Real Madrid history. We have a lot to do even after winning the league title. Results always come when you work without obsessing about things. Celebrations end today and I am already thinking about the future".

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