Real Madrid 4 - 1 Mallorca (Spanish League Day 38)

Casillas holds the trophy of Liga champions 2011-2012 with all his teammates
Real Madrid players with the 'Liga' trophy

It will be remembered as the perfect season and do not take too many risks if we say that no team will ever be able to match it. Not even this Real Madrid seems in a position to set foot on their own tracks: 100 points of 114 possible, 121 goals, 16 wins away from home (the same as at the Bernabeu stadium), dozens of records and only two defeats in the league (only four draws) already lost in the mists of time. It takes more than just football to complete this historical journey. It takes a bit of luck, of course, but also an extraordinary strength that makes not depend on the results of inspiration. When the star players have failed, Madrid has won fiercely. Win or win. Also yesterday.

It could be debated in light of recent experience, the excellence of the squad to face the Champions League, but you can not imagine a better group for the sustained effort of a league. The credit goes to Mourinho, completely. At a club where the talent has always been taken for granted, he is surrounded by muscle and nerve that, ultimately, make ​​the difference. Boys against men. That imagen has often been showed by Real Madrid's rivals. Also yesterday.

However, come the end of the course, the feeling is strange. Higuain was replaced on 66 minutes and followed the protocol of the players saying goodbye forever. Applause for fans, tears in her eyes and hug by the coach. Nobody leaves the school in this way if there are plans to return next year. His match, maybe the latter, was a discreet example of his talent, two assists and no pictures stolen, the helper in the shadows, dynamic and modest. By the way, the referees disallowed him a legal goal after six minutes. These guys have no heart.

The match had little history. Jose Mourinho used a stellar lineup to try to reach the 100 point mark and to thrill those on the stands. Khedira had a good chance on the 6-minute mark, but Aouate managed to clear the shot. The keeper also saved a Benzema strike one minute later. Real Madrid were clearly dominating the clash and eventually scored when Ronaldo headed in a cross from Marcelo, netting his 46th strike of the season.

Benzema defeated Aouate from inside the box following a good team effort (22'). Mallorca were practically unable to resist their onslaughts and could only wait for the locals to slow down their game, which they did after the second strike. Nevertheless, Mallorca did not take advantage of this and never posed a threat on Casillas' goal, while Real Madrid had a double chance through Benzema and Ronaldo that the keeper cleared on both counts. Just before half-time, Mourinho decided to make Albiol come on for Arbeloa.

The second half started as the first, with Real Madrid playing a fast and vertical game. Ozil netted the third goal with an amazing lob after receiving an assist from Higuain (48'). Mallorca then tried harder for a goal and got it from Castro following a solid team effort (51').

Their strike did not really change anyhting and the Whites reacted with yet another strike from Ozil, who used a Marcelo cross to send the ball to the back of the net by grazing the far post. The match lost steam in the final minutes and Mallorca hardly attacked at all. Higuian received a thunderous ovation when he was replaced by Di Maria (66') and the entire crowd asked him not to leave the team. The Madridistas had a few more chances on goal that were all cleared by Aouate, who was injured towards the end of the match.


Stadium: Santiago Bernabeu
Attendance: 83,000
Goals: 1-0, m.19: Cristiano Ronaldo. 2-0, m.22: Benzema. 3-0, m.49: Özil. 3-1, m.52: 'Chory' Castro. 4-1, m.58: Özil.

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