Real Madrid wants to win the League with 100 points

"It was an important victory, but we have not won the league, we need six points. And we will try to win all four remaining games to become champions with 100 points". This was the phrase of a player just landed in Madrid-Barajas airport after winning the Classic. Mourinho's slogan in the locker room at the Camp Nou to his players had been clear: "It was an important step, but is not yet done". After the win and joy, moderation still prevailed in the locker room in the message of the Portuguese coach, who also wants to win the league title beating the record of points made ​​by FC Barcelona two seasons ago.

All the Real Madrid team celebrates the victory at Camp Nou
Real Madrid players after winning at Camp Nou

Barca team became champion in the 09-10 campaign with 99 points. With four days still to play (Sevilla, Athletic, Granada and Mallorca), Real Madrid has 88, so it is able to reach 100, even it is required not to leave any point along the way. In other way, the best points mark achieved by Real Madrid in a season also goes back to the 09-10 season. On that occasion, with Pellegrini on the bench, whites were able to add 96. This is the second best score in the history of the Spanish League.

Indeed, Barca won the league title with the same points last year, 96. At this point in the league, with four games remaining, only that Barcelona had been able to get as many points (88) as this Real Madrid. However, the difference is that whites have a balance in favor of 79 goals, while the Barca was 70.

Last season, the first of Mourinho in Madrid, the white club achieved 92 points. At present, team needs only win one game and tie another to match that record, but with that it would not be champion, if Barcelona earns 12 points left in play. Althought watching the path of Madrid, it seems unlikely to pass up the title. In fact, with his win at the Camp Nou, team completed a round undefeated. His last loss dating back to the last Classic (1-3) played at the Bernabeu stadium on December 10.

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