Real Madrid vs Bayern: A match of 6 million euros

If Real Madrid earns today the pass to the Champions League final of May 19 ensures an award of 5.6 million euros, to which must be added the 800,000 euros that correspond for the victory at the Bernabeu stadium. Overall: 6.4 million euros. A number that could rise to 9 million if they can win the Tenth European Cup.

Florentino Perez: Real Madrid president

UEFA awards the finalists with 5.6 million euros because of reaching the grand final to be played on the Allianz Arena. Is the money the runner gets, for the nine that correspond to the winner. These awards are only for the two finalist teams by reaching the final, to which must add all the earned in its road in this edition of the Champions, both for classification as television rights, marketing and ticket sales at the box office.

Remember that only by participating, European football's governing body ensures a fixed 7.2 million euros, in the last-16 round the entry is 3 million, 3.3 million by accessing the quarterfinals and 4.2 for the semifinalists. Playing the final is a major cash injection for the two teams, an economic boost that can make a difference in the budget period ending June 30.

Those over 6 million euros or 9 by winning the trophy can go far. To pay the tab of a star player or undertake a signing in the market next summer. It also has relevance in the contracts they sign with their clubs sponsors, which include terms under which if they participate in the final or win the trophy, will increase the incomings in their contracts by the advertising generated.

With the game tonight remaining and without know who will be the champion of this season, what we can say that the winner of the Champions ensures an amount that exceeds 30 million euros, in the case of Real Madrid, if is the champion, will be much higher for the television rights sold in other countries. This competition is a goldmine for the clubs.

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