Cristiano Ronaldo: "I hope our fans score the first goal"

Cristiano Ronaldo said in an interview on the website of 'Bwin' that he hopes that the Santiago Bernabeu stadium crowd will be key to the match against Bayern: "I expect the Bernabeu to score the first goal. The crowd has to play the most important role as soon as we step onto the pitch because we can feel it. Things will go well if we stand united. It will be the most important match until now and all the players are more confident when we feel the support of our fans. We feel we can play even better".

Cristiano Ronaldo

The Real Madrid striker realises the difficulty of the match against German team: "The match will be a battle to the end. It will be charged with adrenaline and we are excited about playing a clash we know we have to win. Bayern is also a great team and we are aware they will be a tough opponent. We lost 2-1 against them in the first leg and we have to win at home. We know winning would give us a ticket to the Champions League final".

For Cristiano, the Özil's goal is worth its weight in gold: "What happened in Munchen was neither positive nor negative. We are in good phisical condition and I am sure we will win at the Bernabeu stadium because we will have the support of our fans. It will be a difficult match but I am hopeful. They defeated us at their stadium, but we were able to score an away goal. They will try to score in counterattacks, but we believe they will also be wary of us because we will face them at our stadium".

The Portuguese gave names to the dangers of Bavarian team: "We are more concerned about Bayern's forwards. Gomez is one of the Champions League's top scorers, and Ribery and Robben are also very dangerous. They are solid in attack and also in defence, but we have to focus on their three forwards because one of them will make the difference", he said.

What teams will play the final of the Champions League?: "I mainly want us to reach the final and face either Chelsea or Barcelona there. I hope we reach the final because it is ivery important to us, to Real Madrid and to our fans all around the world. That is why I am really happy and thrilled to play the match".

About his future, Cristiano does not hesitate: "I feel at home at Real Madrid. This is my third season on the team and I try to do my best for this shirt every year. Things are going well and I want to stay here".

Finally, he said that prepares every game in the same way: "I always play the same regardless of the opponents teams. There may be more adrenaline at times depending on the difficulty of a match, but my mentality is always the same".

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