Real Madrid 2 - 1 Bayern Munchen (UCL Semifinals 2nd Leg)

Heynckes had a thousand reasons for not playing the match with Schweinsteiger in the starting lineup and 120 minutes to sit him. Former Bayern's lung spent the game looking for himself without find him, heavy and slow. Heynckes did not take the hint. The coach's paralysis was unexplained for two hours, until the fifth penalty of the most dramatic series remembered, the number 31 of the red shirt walked toward the ball decisively. Schweinsteiger. As so often happens in football, unreason made ​​sense. The best players of the match had failed (Cristiano and Kroos) and he had his chance, the last bullet in the gun, the most German of Germans. It still echoes the 'bang', the last sound before silence.

Cristiano Ronaldo sat on the grass after the defeat against Bayern
Cristiano Ronaldo dejected after losing against Bayern Munchen

If 90 minutes at the Bernabeu are too long, 120 are eternity, not to mention penalties. How was the exhaustion, how emotion, how nervousness and anxiety that before the referee called the end of the extra time, the rivals signed the tie with the boxing gloves on their hands. Boateng fell victim to cramps and peace was made. To what else killed. Among the twenty-two field players and 85,000 fans of the stands there was the absolute conviction that the die was cast and only one team would win, even if both had deserved it.

Talking about football, only football, the lineup used by Mournho was the same as in the Clasico with the exception of Marcelo, who took Coentrao's place tonight. The Whites scored the opener through a penalty taken by Cristiano Ronaldo on the 5-minute mark after Alaba cleared a Di Maria shot with a hand. Bayern did not fall back and Robben nearly scored an equaliser two minutes later, but Real tallied a second when Ronaldo dribbled past Neuer after controlling the ball outside the box (13'). The Bernabeu went wild and started to sing the Portuguese player's name.

Bayern Munchen also pulled rank and started to test Casillas, who was fantastic against Mario Gomez. Robben scored from a penalty on the 26-minute mark, therefore drawing the tie and forcing Real Madrid to score another strike, but the visiting goal was a harsh blow to the locals and the Germans tried to capitalise on this. Casillas cleared another Gomez shot soon after the goal and Benzema missed the target by inches in the 30th minute. Just before half-time, Iker again pulled off a stellar save against Robben, keeping the 2-1 score for the start of the second half.

Munchen started to have more possession, but Real Madrid proved to be more dangerous in counterattacks. Neither side had clear chances in the opening minutes of the second half until Neuer was strained to clear a Benzema shot that finished off an extraordinary personal effort (56'). The crowd started to roar in support of its team while both sides played a careful game. Kaka came on for Di Maria on the 75-minute mark and Mario Gomez nearly netted an equaliser from the penalty spot, but the local centre backs did well to avoid his chances.

The game went into extra time, which proved tough on both sides. Real Madrid had recently played a very tough game against Barcelona and were clearly strained, while Bayern Munchen had reserved eight of the men who played tonight in last weekend's Bundesliga clash. Neither side scored and a penalty shootout had to take place.

Alaba scored the first penalty (19 years), the youngest player to be 50 games in the Bundesliga, beating Schwarzenbeck. Then Messi's shot. Yes, Messi. Because Cristiano approached the Adidas Finale 12 ball with the ghost of the Argentinian player grabbed on his mind and pursuing his steps the Portuguese followed him also the leap into the void. Neuer stopped the shot.

Bayer Munchen won on the penalty shootout

Then Mario Gomez scored (2-0) to complete the Spanish paradox. A German with Spanish family had to participate in the murder of the Spanish teams, the favorites, remember. Back in the second penalty of Real Madrid, Neuer returned to the same side to stop the shot from Kaka, the final seemed certain. However, Casillas stopped the next two ( Kroos and Lahm) and Xabi Alonso turned on a light that was turned off when Sergio Ramos, a hero of an entire season, lost the ball in the crowd. It was now clear, team had to prepare for the tragedy. Said Albert Einstein (German, by the way) that God does not play dice, but nothing said about His relationship with football.


Stadium: Santiago Bernabeu
Attendance: 85,454
Goals: 1-0, m.6: Cristiano Ronaldo (pen.); 2-0, m.14: Cristiano Ronaldo; 2-1, m.27: Robben (pen.)
Shootout: 0-1: Alaba (Goal). 0-1: Cristiano (Missed). 0-2: Mario Gómez (Goal). 0-2: Kaká (Missed). 0-2: Toni Kroos (Missed). 1-2: Xabi Alonso (Goal). 1-2: Lahm (Missed). 1-2: Ramos (Missed). 1-3: Scheweinsteiger (Goal).

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