Real Madrid and Adidas: Agreement until 2020

Real Madrid and Adidas, sporting goods multinational company and sponsor of the club, are close to signing a new agreement to extend the relationship for the next eight years. In the absence of signature, the alliance between these two giants will come until 2020. It is a form to continue with the success that comes with them since they started together in 1998.

Cristiano Ronaldo with an Adidas Real Madrid shirt
Real Madrid and Adidas: New agreement

There have been no official figures about the money the entity managed by Florentino Perez will earn, although obviously there will be an improvement over last season. This means that Adidas, that has paid about 35 million per year until this season, raises its offer, at least, to 40 million euros. It represents the largest amount paid by a sporting company to a football club, over the 30 million that Nike pays to Barcelona.

Adidas also has an important revenue source in the heart of the Santiago Bernabeu stadium, the shop where is breaking sale records despite the economic crisis, because the Bernabeu stadium is one of the benchmarks for tourism in the capital of Spain.

The sport brand trusts this long-term sport project. The continuity of Mourinho, the coach more mediatic who belongs to Adidas, and the fact that in his first two years at Real Madrid has won the Copa del Rey (Spanish Cup), is close to achieve the Spanish League and has played two semi-finals of the Champions League, has managed to boost sales of shirts and all kinds of items related to the Real Madrid team.

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