Kaka did not pass the final test against Bayern Munchen

Kaka took the field on 74 minutes by Di Maria. Mourinho saw in him the solution to overwhelm Bayern defense. The resource was a failure. The Brazilian accused physical frailty, he was very slow for this level of football and showed no ability to circumvent the Germanic control, with a huge Kroos. To complete the suspense, shot a penalty kick with unbecoming uncertainty of a 67 million euros player. The crowd punished him with whistles.

Kaka misses a penalty kick against Neuer
Kaka did not play well against Bayern Munchen

In the white club, Kaka is considered again as a transferable player, but Mourinho says he believes in the Brazilian. The problem is that there is no club in the world to pay the 50 million the player is priced and bear the 9 million euros of annual net salary (as Cristiano) who has signed until 2015. Milan, PSG and Inter knocked on the door in 2011, but resigned.

Kaka has managed only a good run since arriving in 2009. It was between November and January 2012, playing a great game against Villarreal. Then some discomfort in a tendon in his left leg took him out of the starting lineup. Injuries have mortified him: groin injury, 263 days lost in 2010 by two left knee surgeries... The Brazilian has not given what was expected of him.

For Kaka, there are only four games remaining to play in league with Real Madrid and wait for the summer. Then will be the time when the Brazilian will decide his future, which is surely far from the Bernabeu. It may be in London ... or Paris.

The numbers of his bad game:

  • Kaka ran 2,436 meters in 46 minutes against Bayern. For comparison, Kroos ran 11,409 meters in 120. In other way, the Brazilian ran 52 meters per minute, compared to 95 from German.
  • The Brazilian tried 10 dribbling and only 3 of them ended successfully. He participated in 32 activities of play, less than one per minute, and only stepped the Bayern's penalty area 3 times without any notable result; no shot on target.
  • Kaka gave 13 passes, 5 of them were wrong and 8 correct. He was better connected with Xabi Alonso. To Cristiano, Benzema and Higuain, zero passes!
  • He recovered 3 balls that were in Bayern's feet, but lost 5, because of his fragility and lack of security with the ball.

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