Ricardo Kaka: Mourinho's decision

Beyond the signings, the future of Kaka is still the main question at Real Madrid. When the season ended over a month ago, the Real Madrid took for granted the departure of Brazilian footballer but the situation has not changed at all. Kaka has still the idea of ​​staying at Real Madrid, because nobody has said him that he has to search new team.

Ricardo Kaka and Jose Mourinho training with Real Madrid jersey
Ricardo Kaka and Jose Mourinho

So, the ball is now in the roof of Mourinho. If the coach does not want the Brazilian midfielder, Mourinho will have to tell him it face to face. Otherwise, the player will still play for another year for Real Madrid and will be part of the squad as well as the other players. Kaka has no doubts.

The hypothetical leaving of Kaka is a high complexity issue, almost more than his arrival to the white team three years ago. If Mourinho says him clearly that he is not going to play as many minutes as he wants, the player will begin looking team, but no team will put a great sum of money in the offices of the Bernabeu if they are aware that the player is on sale. At least that is what the board members fear in the white club.

Moreover, Kaka, who has three-year contract, is entitled to claim part of the salary remaining that he earns at Real Madrid. And we are talking about 30 million euros. Also, the teams interested in the player have begun to move out of bid. Yesterday was the PSG which gave up and last week were Milan's agents who said that is impossible to pay a so high salary, about 9 million euros net per season.

Meanwhile, Ricardo Kaka now does not want to leave Real Madrid because he believes he still has much to offer the white team. The Brazilian is aware that he has not given the expected level, but does not forget that this last season has not had any serious injury and has gone through stages of good football. Also, he does not want to leave by the back door.

The Brazilian does not forget that started the season, that was summoned by Brazil (he did not play because of a sore muscle) and took a place at the starting lineup when Di Maria was injured three months. The season ending was not all good, but still believes in his potential. The possible arrival of Luka Modric does not disturb nor makes him nervous. Kaka is used to live with the pressure and is willing to fight with the Croatian and Özil for a starting position.

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