Alvaro Morata to play for Real Madrid next season

Alvaro Morata is the first signing of Real Madrid 2012-13. Jose Mourinho has decided that the youth squad player is going to be one of the 25 players of the first team for the next season. The player, therefore, will not play for R.M. Castilla.

Alvaro Morata at the Bernabeu Stadium with Real Madrid jersey
Alvaro Morata at the Bernabeu Stadium

In the absence of official confirmation, the decision has been made. Morata, who turns 20 next month of October, will be for all purposes a first team player. After his second year in R.M. Castilla, from the offices and the sports management, led by Mourinho, it is considered that he deserved to be one of the 25 players of the squad.

A key to the rise of Morata is his versatility. This season he has played as left midfielder (left-winger). He struggled to adapt but eventually had a great season. His 17 goals are evidence of this. It is known that Mourinho looks for versatile players and Morata has proven he can be. He can play as forward, what he really is, also as midfielder or second forward.

With Alvaro in the first team, the Portuguese coach has two players per position across the front of attack. On the right, Di Maria and Callejon. As playmaker, Özil and Kaka. On the left, Cristiano Ronaldo and Morata (Although Morata plays better as forward) And in the center forward position, Benzema and Higuain.

Mourinho always showed a special predilection for Alvaro Morata. Two summers ago, with just 17, took him to Los Angeles where he began to see a future first team player. Months later, Morata debuted with the first team. Mourinho never lost sight of him. And after this season, will reward him with what 250 kids are dreaming in the Real Madrid factory.

But Alvaro Morata will have to work hard. A curse haunts the forwards coming out of the youth teams since Raul debuted in La Romareda stadium in 1994. Since then, no other forward formed in the R.M.Castilla has triumphed in Real Madrid's first team. Morata is the next brave to face this jinx that has lasted 18 years.

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