Mourinho does not give up Maicon

Jose Mourinho does not 'switch off' on holiday. Despite being in Miami with his family, the Portuguese coach follows minute to minute all negotiations for the players he is interested in to strengthen the Real Madrid squad. In addition Mourinho speaks almost daily with Jose Angel Sanchez and Florentino Perez to finish setting up the team. And for the team he wants a new right-back; Maicon.

Maicon training with Inter

With less than two weeks to start the preseason, Mourihno continues to believe that the Brazilian back is the best option on the market and so he has returned to ask Real Madrid managers the signing of the player, because Mourinho thinks that they have not negotiated in good way for the Inter player.

But time is short for Real Madrid. Maicon has almost closed a deal with Chelsea, so the white team does not have much room to sign the Brazilian. Although there are still options. Maicon knows that Mourinho will make a last attempt by his signing and he will take all the time before making the definitive "yes" to Chelsea. The Brazilian's desire is to play in Madrid and return to be under the command of Portuguese, the coach with who he has got the best performance along his career.

Maicon will wait for Real Madrid and Mourinho will push the white club as much as possible to bring the transfer to a successful conclusion. Real Madrid must move quickly and show a real interest at the institutional level because so far, the talks between Madrid and Inter have been unproductive.

Inter Milan requested 10 million euros for the Brazilian at the start of summer, but the Italians are willing to sell him for 8 millions, a bargain in the opinion of Mourinho, who knows that Maicon can again be at Real Madrid the best right-back in the world .

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