Goodbye again, Maicon

At the second attempt, Maicon will not play either for Real Madrid. As in 2010, the Brazilian back will be left with the desire to play for Real Madrid. And as two years ago, Mourinho will be without his favorite right-back. Real Madrid won the pulse. At no time the white team was heavily intrested in the transfer.

Maicon will not play for Real Madrid
Maicon will not play for Real Madrid

The white team has already ruled out completely the arrival of the Brazilian player, who will end up playing for Chelsea because Real Madrid did not work for the transfer as much as Mourinho wanted to. The footballer already had an agreement with the English club and will sign it in the coming days, except big surprise, that in any case seems not to be led by Real Madrid.

Mourinho has tried every means to convince the club to sign Maicon, but in this case has prevailed the opinion of the club that prefers to incorporate a young player with more future and with a salary lower than the Brazilian's. Therefore, Real Madrid is going to look for a right-back at the market, who could alternate with Arbeloa in the defensive line.

Real Madrid will not sign Maicon because of the doubts that the Brazilian player has generated since he ceased to be under the orders of Mourinho. His reputation as problematic player, his age (he turns 31 on July 26) and high salary (earns 5 million euros per year) have been decisive in giving the "no" to Mourinho, who had also given a number of good reasons to sign the Inter Milan defender.

Mourinho saw Maicon as a guarantee for the next two years, a player who would have no trouble adapting to his system and play the highest level since the first day. The Portuguese also saw the operation as a bargain, 8 million euros. But this time, the opinion of the members at the offices of the Bernabeu stadium has stayed.

Maicon was willing to do anything to play for Real Madrid. For example, to reduce his salary around one million euros. The player wanted to play in the white team and reach again his best along with Mourinho on the bench. But it will never be.

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