Real Madrid players at Euro 2012

Real Madrid players have stood out in the European Championship. In the list of the 23 best in the tournament, made by the UEFA Technical Committee, there are eight white players on the team: Casillas, Ramos, Xabi Alonso, Cristiano, Pepe, Coentrao, Özil and Khedira. Benzema is not. He did not play his best as well as the France team. Albiol did not play a minute. And Arbeloa, the other Real Madrid player at the Euro 2012, made a couple of great defensive matches against Ribery and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Five Real Madrid players are champions of the Euro 2012
Five Real Madrid players are champions of the Euro 2012

In any way, Real Madrid got ten of the eleven players who started the tournament in the semifinals, the club with more presence in that round. It was also the club with more MVP awards, seven, ahead of Wolfsburg and Barcelona, ​​both with three. Two MVP were achieved by Cristiano Ronaldo (against the Netherlands and Czech Republic), two by Özil (Portugal and Greece) and one by Pepe (Denmark), Xabi Alonso (France) and Ramos (in semifinals against Portugal).

The white players were also the top scorers, tied with Manchester City players, with eight goals scored: Cristiano (three), Xabi Alonso (two), and Pepe, Khedira and Özil (one). Also, Casillas was the goalkeeping record of the tournament. These data confirm the strength of the current project of Real Madrid, led by Mourinho, with which now is expected to reach more titles.

Sergio Ramos. Player of the Euro 2012
Ramos faced the Euro 2012 with the challenge of taking the head of the Spanish defense. Not only did it, but he has also been chosen by UEFA as the most valuable player of the tournament beating, after the final against Italy, Cristiano Ronaldo. For the history, his penalty shoot (remembering Panenka) against Portugal. In the final against Italy, he returned to be sublime. Recovered 11 turnovers and only had 3 losses.

Iker Casillas. Decisive against Croatia and Portugal
The captain turned to be decisive for Spain. He made 16 saves, only conceded one goal and was proclaimed the best goalkeeper of the tournament. Memorable were his save against Rakitic in the match Croatia vs Sapin, and his save on the Moutinho's penalty shoot against Portugal. In the final he beat Buffon.

Xabi Alonso. He was the Spanish hero against France
Xabi Alonso was one of the pillars of the midfield of Spain. Against France played his best game with the 'Red', scoring two goals in the victory and was elected MVP. Throughout the Euro was the second player who gave more good passes: 518. Only beaten by Xavi Hernandez (571).

Cristiano Ronaldo. Was the best Portugal player.
He made a great Euro leading Portugal to the semifinals. He scored three goals, shot 37 times and hit four times on the posts. To remember is his great match against the Netherlands in the first stage.

Pepe. A goal, a MVP award and two faults.
The chief of the Portuguese defense. He made a perfect tournament. Only committed two fouls and suffered twelve. He complemented his great defensive play (he stole 48 balls) scoring a goal against Denmark (he was the MVP of that match).

Fabio Coentrao. Performed a great Euro
He traveled to Ukraine and Poland with the intention of being the best backs in the tournament and was one the best of Portugal players. He was crucial against Denmark with his scoring pass to Varela. Has recovered the confidence he lost last season.

Mesut Özil. The German fantasy
His first game at Euro 2012 was astonishing: 43 good passes. He finished the tournament with three assists. As the competition progressed his performance decreased because of fatigue. In the semifinals against Italy tried to push his team. Scored in injury time (penalty) his first and only goal of the tournament.

Sami Khedira. Again a box to box player.
Khedira made ​​12 shoots on target during the European Championship with Germany, showing that he can be a box to box player. He did not made any fault in the tournament. He increased his attack actions, much more than in Real Madrid. He was among the best players in Germany. Gave an assist and scored a goal against Greece.

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