Sale operation is paused

The four players that Real Madrid wants to sell (Gago, Lass, Altintop and Ricardo Carvalho) still do not give a clear answer to the club about their future intentions, showing a closed stance, especially Gago and Lass, to a negotiated settlement with another team.

Mourinho and Lass Diarra

The Argentine and French have a year contract remaining and are using it as a weapon to negotiate. The strategy of their representatives is to be strong with the sign of transferable that Mourinho has given them and the target they have set is that with the passage of time and proximity of the date of the start of the pre-season (15 July), the club will finally allow them go free.

To leave Real Madrid with no cost is for them an advantage to negotiate a good contract with their new teams and this position is being supported by the teams interested in signing the players. Everything involving transfer discounts, will be rewarded by the contract they will sign.

In this tough negotiations, Real Madrid is required to exhaust all possibilities. Real Madrid moves to find teams that are interested in them and pay to white team an amount that reports an income. But the club needs their collaboration or acceptance to close what is a three party agreement. And it is not easy.

An example, Gago. The Argentine is ready to wait all the time it takes to go free. If Real Madrid asks for money and that hinders and improvement of his salary, he is willing to stay the season remaining of his contract. Roma, the club interested in him knows the play of the player and is willing to wait until 31 August.

Lass is not in a hurry. Nothing is known of him. He has rejected several offers and his brother, who is leading his business, is waiting for a Real Madrid move. Ricardo Carvalho's issue is other thing. He cost 8 million two years ago and neither team seems willing to pay for a player who has barely played this past season and is 34 years old.

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