Cristiano Ronaldo and Nuhazet: Battling cancer

Cristiano Ronaldo and his agent, Jorge Mendes, are living these days, a story that was alien to them until just a month ago, but where both are now fully involved: Nuhazet's history, a child of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, nine years old, who suffers from cancer since he was two.

Cristiano Ronado and Nuhazet at Bernabeu Stadium

As reported www.canariasinvestiga.org, the player and his agent decided to fund a pioneering treatment for Nuhazet a month ago, after the match between Real Madrid and Mallorca at the Bernabeu stadium. Nuhazet attended the match, invited by an association, in what was presumed as one of the last great adventures of his life.

It seemed no hope for the child, who has been battling cancer since 2005. Since then, have been removed three tumors from his body, although the latter, Nuhazet was operated in October 2011, could only be partially removed. This past March, an MRI revealed metastases in three different points of the spine.

His parents, Fabiola Guillen and Silvestre Guardia, revive the trance: "The doctor had discussed with colleagues and said us that there was nothing to do. That it was best to leave him so the child would not suffer. We asked if there was anything anywhere in the world, but doctor said that whatever there was, was experimental. We sent the reports to the University of Navarra, and all the doctors told me the child should rest and not suffer. He has spent seven years with this disease, and we accepted the idea that it was the final".

Nati, a Nahuzet's cousin, launched the mechanism to move the visit of the child to Madrid, where he hoped to see fulfilled the dream of meeting the players of Real Madrid. In principle, it was only to surprise him. But the story reached the ears of Jorge Mendes, who cleared the way to Real Madrid striker. The morning of the match against Mallorca, Mendes sent a driver to pick up the family and moved them to the team hotel. There, a lift opened the door and Cristiano Ronaldo asked, jokingly, to a stunned Nuhazet: "You do not say anything?" and promised him that he would dedicate him a goal. Cristiano fulfilled.

Nuhazet watched the game, and the subsequent celebration of the league title, from the private box of Cristiano Ronaldo, along with Irina Shayk. Then he went down to the locker room area and received the jersey of the player. That already filled his wish. But there was more. On Monday following the match, Mendes phoned Florentino Perez to ask for a hospital and the president recommended the Montepríncipe hospital, specialized in children. Nuhazet was there for the first time on May 16.

"We had three options: do nothing, experimental tests and sent a biopsy to the U.S.A. to make a customized drug" said Silvestre. They were given budget for the treatment, and next day Cristiano and his agent paid it. The child was at the hospital that same Thursday evening, had surgery of tumors of the cervical vertebrae and the doctors sent the biopsy.

Today, Nuhazet is still under treatment, although in a few weeks could be back at home. The child and his parents wait watching the development of a dozen eggs that a volunteer gave them in an incubator. They baptized the eggs with the names of all persons who have accompanied them is this adventure. The chick Cristiano, first to break the eggshell, was born this morning.

Update 03/15/2013: Nuhazet Guillen Guardia, the child who suffered from cancer and whose treatment was funded by Cristiano Ronaldo and Jorge Mendes, has passed away. Rest in peace, Nuhazet.

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