Marcelo: "Cristiano Ronaldo is having a fabulous season"

Marcelo, Real Madrid left-back, already has his eyes on the upcoming Olympics. The Brazilian defender will come to this event in good conditions after playing a good season with the white team. Marcelo talked with Brazilian media during his holidays.

Marcelo Real Madrid player
"We had an historic and extraordinary season because, besides winning the title, we also broke many records, such as those in points, victories and goals" he said to Brazilian journalists. "The entire team made such progress that playing on it was like paradise for a player. Our confidence was so high that we knew it would be hard for others to stop us if we did our best".

He thinks the contribution of Cristiano Ronaldo was key: "Cristiano Ronaldo is a machine. He is having a fabulous season. It is amazing to score so many goals. I think he has had the best stats in his career. He is a great teammates and an exemplary professional. He trains extra and works hard".

What happened in the Champions League, the worst memory: "Losing the UCL semis was the great disappointment of the season because it happened in the penalty shootout. I believe we should have killed the game earlier, but that's football. We will return stronger next year to try to win it. I am calm because I think we will win the title soon".

Personally he thinks his season at Real Madrid was good: "I think I had a good season. I had the chance to help my teammates win games, which is what really matters to me. I have made progress in my game. I still have to work on some aspects of my game to be the best in my position. I have worked hard to improve in defence since I arrived on the team. Many people saw me as Roberto Carlos' successor and wanted me to make progress as fast as he did, but I was only 18; I was very young and was still learning. I liked to attack, but in time I have become a true left back, one that both defends and attacks. I still love to attack, but a defender's priority is to defend".

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