Roberto Carlos: "Maicon has what Real Madrid needs"

Maicon, the right-back Mourinho likes for signing, who is being meticulously radiographed, almost obsessively, by the white team before deciding whether his transfer is a risk because of age (30 years) and the salary (4 million euros net), has the approval of Roberto Carlos, one of the best left-back of football history. Roberto Carlos knows his compatriot, with whom he came to share his last games for Brazil, and has no doubt that Real Madrid would be correct with the hiring of Inter Milan player.

Roberto Carlos

"I know that Mourinho wants to Maicon and I know he has great respect and appreciation for the Portuguese coach. If he finally comes to Real Madrid, you can be sure that nobody is going to regret this move. Maicon has everything what Real Madrid needs; experience, power and a good shot from distance. He has goal skills. He is a great back", said Roberto Carlos, who usually returns to Madrid from Moscow to spend a couple of days.

He compares Maicon to Cafu, another right-back that made history: "For me he is more like Cafu and with that I say a lot. Maicon is very good and has football on his boots because he is physically privileged. He is a force of nature, of those players that make you win big games, and championships. He is a guarantee".

Roberto Carlos insists that in the squad of Real Madrid there is no player with Maicon's features: "You can not compare him to a Real Madrid player. Like him there are few in football. Marcelo is a more skilled player, who likes to drive the ball. Maicon has a tremendous power and comes from behind to brake the rival team. He fulminates you. I also think it would be good to Arbeloa because he can keep learning and growing".

And Roberto Carlos still thinks about Maicon like one of the best in the world, even ahead of Dani Alves, the Barcelona back: "Do not forget that until recently days he was the starter in the Brazilian team, ahead of Alves. He has not played for Brazil because he suffered an injury. But Maicon will remain in Brazilian national team". Maicon operation is ongoing.

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