Ricardo Kaka's father is in Milan

Bosco Leite, Kaka's father, arrived yesterday to Milan to meet with the 'rossoneri' team and negotiate the return of his son to Italian league. He plans to talk with Adriano Galliani, even with the sport director Braida, and discuss the matter. Their relations are very cordial and they have constant contact (last year they also met at this time and the coach Allegri was at the meeting). Kaka would be willing to return to Milan and the Italian club would welcome him with open arms. According to La Repubblica newspaper, Real Madrid has given Bosco Leite the go-ahead to negotiate but not at any price.

Bosco Leite

Galliani this week, and officially, refused the return of the player: "Kaka will not be transferred to Milan. He has three-year contract with Real Madrid, and we cannot afford. He has a salary that we can not assume. In Spain there is a different tax. With the Italian taxation is impossible", he said. But his words are nothing more than a tactic. Since Italy has leaked that Milan wants the player on loan, something that Real Madrid does not arise. The player will leave only through a transfer, never free. In fact if there is no offer on the table, Real Madrid will not negotiate Kaka's transfer.

The player's salary problem could be solved (now earns 9 million euros net) and Kaka could negotiate downward. It is one of the reasons why Bosco Leite is in Milan. The orders of his son are that the Brazilian playmaker wants to play for a first-class team that would ensure his participation in the World Cup Brazil 2014 and Milan meets these requirements. It is also a city that he knows and his wife also would agree.

Milan and in particular its president, Silvio Berlusconi, wants to get Kaka. Italian club has not paid attention to the temptations of millions of PSG and Thiago Silva will play for the team (rejected a 46 million euros offer) and now Berlusconi has set a new target: the return of the Brazilian star. In Milan, Kaka played from 2003 to 2009 and won the Ballon d'Or trophy (2007). It would be a great team for him.

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