Guti: "Silva is the ideal player for Real Madrid"

Yesterday, during a meeting in Madrid, Jose Maria Gutierrez, 'Guti', took the opportunity to review the situation of his former team. With regard to the negotiations that would lead to the signing of Luka Modric for Real Madrid, the player was quite clear: "Modric has not been a man so important in Tottenham. I really think that he has not deserved to play for Real Madrid. Not yet".

Jose Maria Gutierrez ('Guti')

Although Guti recognizes that Luka Modric is a great player, the former midfielder of white club has his own idea about who is the best to play in Real Madrid's midfield: "In that position I prefer Silva. I think is the ideal player for Real Madrid. He is a young player, very talented with good projection that has done great things for Manchester City and in the Spanish national team".

The midfielder also spoke about Mourinho and his management. Guti is convinced that: "Mourinho knows his stuff. He has demonstrated it in all teams he has coached and also in Madrid". Furthermore, Guti commented about Mourinho: "Real Madrid fans must give him more time. We must begin to believe that this year with the team we have we can get more titles, and in that sense I think Mourinho is the right man to lead the team".

In this line Guti talked about to the coming clashes between Real Madrid and Barcelona to be held in August: "They will be unusual matches because there will be two teams that have finished two very strong pre-seasons". Besides, Guti does not give much importance to the winner of the Spanish Supercup: "We will not get important things for the season. Only one team that will win. From there it will be seen what team can be better or worse".

Finally, after his sudden departure of Besiktas, Guti revealed that in a couple of weeks he will talk about where is going to play: "In principle I want to play. I have a couple of good offers and in 10 or 15 days I will be able to sign the contract and say where I am going to play".

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