Mourinho prepares the return of international players

There are three matches remaining to end the Euro 2012 and except Benzema, all the Real Madrid international players are fighting for the trophy. With this scenario, Mourinho knows that the Germans, the Portuguese and Spanish will join the rest of the team during the U.S.A. stage of the Real Madrid pre-season 2012-2013. Benzema is the only international to join the white team training stage before the U.S.A. tour 2012. The French striker will return from holiday on July 26 following the Tangier friendly against Athletic Tetouan (July 24).

Real Madrid pre-season 2011-2012
Real Madrid pre-season 2011-2012

Players who are in Euro 2012 will return according to the success of their national teams. Those players who are going to be eliminated in the semifinals, will go back to the group on July 28, while those who are going to reach the final of the Euro, will enjoy on vacation until July 30. These dates are open. For example, in the first year of Mourinho, which coincided with the World Cup 2010, the coach gave more holidays to Ramos, Casillas and Xabi Alonso because they were the players who most minutes played in the event of South Africa.

The rest of the squad (Adam, Varane, Carvalho, Lass, Sahin, Altintop, Granero, Kaka, Callejon, Di Maria and Higuain) is cited on July 15 in Valdebebas to start the preseason. There are players who played last year on loan (Pedro Leon and Gago) who will return if they do not sign for a new team before that date.

Marcelo is a special case. The Brazilian player is summoned, as well as other 35 players, with the Brazilian national team, coached by ​​Mano Menezes, that has to play the London Olympics. If on July 6 is confirmed his presence in the Olympics, the left-back will play for Mourinho's team after Brazil elimination. If Marcelo plays the final (on August 11) he will miss all the U.S.A. tour and will join Real Madrid in Spain. If he does not play the Olympics, he must be on July 15 in Valdebebas sports city.

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