Zinedine Zidane: "The tenth European cup is necessary"

The football director of the first team evaluated the Real Madrid season in an interview with French media: "The league championship won is deserved" he said and praised his countrymen Benzema and Varane

Zinedine Zidane attending an interview
Zinedine Zidane

It was a great season for Real Madrid. You should be proud of it.
Of course. We are proud to be part of a club that has just break incredible records on the number of goals scored and points earned. It's a nice adventure for everyone who has supported this project.

Real Madrid managed to end the hegemony of Barcelona.
We had to try to reverse the trend. We were not champions since three years. When you are in Real Madrid, the goal is to advance. Is what we have done throughout the course. We had difficult times, but did not give up. Ending the season with 32 wins in 38 games is simply amazing.

And team has reached 100 points. Impressive, isn't it?
We had to look and perform this great achievement. We were under great pressure with a team that followed us throughout the season. However, we do not throw the towel. We played our football and I think it was an absolutely deserved league title.

The difference between Real Madrid and Barcelona with the rest of the teams in Spain seems important. Do you think the championship has been easy?
There are no small teams. You can say whatever you want and some say there is a league of two different speeds. However, I do not think at all. In Spain there is a strong championship, perhaps the strongest in Europe. It is always difficult. We have not taken this advantage because the others were weak, but because we have been strong.

The only disappointment came in the Champions League with Bayern. How would you rate the second leg match at the Bernabeu?
We are not going to remake the match. There are times when everything goes in favor and some not. Penalties are anecdotal, nothing more. We wanted to reach the final.

Could not reach the tenth European Cup...
The tenth is necessary. It could have been this year, but we have to try next. We do not have to look back, we just need to concentrate to go further next season.

Benzema. How do you see his progression?
He still has room for improvement. This year confirmed the potential we saw in him. He played for the team. As well as his goals, what I remember about him is his importance in the team game. He particularly advanced in this regard. Now is still young and still has much to do and give. He must do the same in Eurocup and it will be a great year for him.

Varane also shined. You chose well.
What is certain is that he worked hard to play the games he played, about fifteen. With his age and in a first season, is extraordinary. He answered in the field. Everyone is happy with him, Varane is a smart kid who learns quickly. He will improve playing with players like Pepe, Ramos, Albiol and Marcelo.

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