Real Madrid 2016

Real Madrid 2016 is a reality. The white team is ensuring the long-term continuity of the 'Project Mourinho'. The first renewal to be announced was the Portuguese coach himself, who extended his contract two years, until 2016. On the same line is Alvaro Arbeloa, who only needs the signature to renew until that year.

The club's offer came a few weeks ago, as was reported by Spanish media on May 12. Just days after, the deal is practically closed. The positions were always very close, since both the club and the player feel comfortable with each other. So, lacking a few details, can say that Alvaro Arbeloa is renewed.

The side, who is summoned with the Spanish national team in Austria, has seen the club has reinforced its commitment to him. Although from the Bernabeu offices is being observed the world market in search of a rival to the right lane, Mourinho is delighted with his 'Spartan', after the Sergio Ramos' change of position. Arbeloa has been the owner of the right side of Madrid. So although there may be a new tenant in place, Arbeloa will remain important.

Mourinho and Real Madrid players celebrate in San Mames
Real Madrid squad supports Jose Mourinho

With this extension, half of the players in the current squad are under contract beyond 2016. And will be more, because the club intends to renew Granero, whose contract ends in 2013, and Cristiano Ronaldo, ends in 2015. "There is no player who can not stay until 2016. Most of them will do in the top of their careers. Some will do in the final stretch, but they will come without any problem because of their abilities", said Mourinho after his renovation.

In 2013 will finish the contracts of Lass and Granero. In 2014, the contracts of Xabi Alonso, Raul Albiol and Adan. In 2015 the contracts of the 'galactics' signed in 2009 will end: Cristiano, Kaka and Benzema, with Khedira, Marcelo and Altintop. Until 2016 will go the contracts of Özil, Higuain, Di Maria, Pepe, Callejon and Arbeloa. And for 2017 will end the captains' contracts, Casillas and Ramos, in addition to the signings of last season Varane, Sahin and Coentrao.

That is, 77% of the workforce is under contract with Real Madrid, at least for the next three seasons, with the possibility of more. As well as Granero and CR7, Real Madrid will try to secure the future for Benzema who has completed his third season in white always improving.

So beyond the two signings that wants to hire Mourinho, the manager made ​​sure to be surrounded by his Praetorian Guard, including its technical body until 2016.

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