Nuri Sahin: "My dream is Real Madrid"

Nuri Sahin denied yesterday that is interested in playing for Galatasaray: "I will not return to Turkey, my dream is still the Real Madrid". Statements of the midfielder who tried to shut up the rumors that erupted in his country after the Saturday dinner with Altintop and Sükrü Hanedar, a director of the Turkish club. Sahin himself uploaded a picture from the restaurant, in a table where two other players joined, Sentürk (Fenerbahce) and Sanli (Wolfsburg). Is not the first time Sahin is very close to Galatasaray. On May 6, a photographer caught him in the Ottoman team's stadium witnessing the Istanbul derby against Besiktas.

Nuri Sahin in Istanbul streets
Nuri Sahin in Turkey

Yesterday, while Sahin was incorporated to the Turkey national team, commented the bittersweet feelings he has had in his first season in Real Madrid: "I was in the list of players who disappointed last season and I know that the Madrid fans expect more from me. I can do better if I have no more injuries". Sahin knows that his role was secondary this season. Mourinho did not trust in him and played only 642 minutes, but he does not give up: "I will always fight to be a better player for this team".

A self-criticism that gave way to faith in himself: "I have confidence in my ability and I am in the best club in the world. My dream is still the Real Madrid". Sahin will move tomorrow with Altintop and the rest of the Turkish national team to Salzburg (Austria), where they will stay in a training stage. Turkey will play there three friendlies against Georgia on Thursday, against Finland on Saturday and May 29 they will face Bulgaria.

Sahin will also face with Cristiano Ronaldo. In fact, he will face with all the Real Madrid's Portuguese international players on June 2, this time in Lisbon. Sahin revealed that Cristiano had already spoken with him about the match: "I talked with him and jokingly told me that we should not play hard because three of my teammates are going to play for Portugal. But I assured him that we must play hard because we have a similar style to the Netherlands (Portugal's rival in the group stage of Eurocup) and Cristiano laughed ".

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