Florentino Perez was close to sign David Silva

David Silva, Real Madrid's target if Kaka leaves the white team, could play today for Real Madrid and not to be a Manchester City player. Florentino Perez has tried to sign the Spanish midfielder two times before. In the first (summer 2009) Valencia was the problem because it was unwilling to negotiate. In the second (2010), "Mourinho's arrival stopped the transfer" the Valencia President, Manuel Llorente, recognized to Spanish media.

David Silva in Madrid to play for Spain
David Silva in Madrid

David Silva's name has linked to Florentino Perez for years. The white President wants to sign more Spanish players. In fact the first attempt came with a call from president to president in which Real Madrid wanted to include Villa, Silva and Albiol in one transfer operation. But then, Manuel Llorente, had just reached the presidency of Valencia, and closed the door to Villa and Silva. Valencia wanted to go back to the Champions League competition and only was finalized the transfer of Albiol.

But Valencia knew in advance that could hold Villa and Silva in the squad only for a season. Valencia could not cope with their salaries (around four million euros per season each) and since January 2010 started to prepare their transfers. For Jorge Valdano, and also to Pellegrini (Real Madrid coach at that time), the priority option was always Silva and in every event in which Florentino and Llorente met, they spoke about the player. There were no offer, but they were willing to negotiate and Valencia agreed to alert Real Madrid of any other interest from other clubs.

During those months there was a curious story between Silva and Florentino in the locker room area at the Bernabeu stadium. After a Real Madrid-Valencia match in which Silva threw a ball to the crossbar, three children who were with the white president asked for a picture with the international player. A person who accompanied them took his sport bag to pose for the camera without it. "Put it out there. He will stay with us" Florentino said with a laugh, but deliberately. But in June 2010, when the negotiation had to start, Mourinho looked to Özil and Di Maria and many rumors were written in the Spanish media about the private life of Silva. Today he is World champion and Premiership champion.

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