PSG offers 25 million euros in cash for Kaka

The offer that will make the Paris Saint-Germain to sign Kaka is 25 million euros in a single payment. Cash. One thing that may be essential for the Real Madrid access to transfer the Brazilian player. That amount, to pay this summer, is seen as a good operation.

Kaka with the Real Madrid training wear
Ricardo Kaka

In the white club the Kaka transfer is already valued in economic terms, with the satisfaction that what looked like an expensive signing will now have an economic return. Something that is not negligible because the player just turned 30. Florentino Perez agreed with Milan the price of 64 million euros, an amount that in those days, compared to 96 kilos paid for Cristiano Ronaldo to Manchester United, were evaluated as a good investment. But Kaka has not reached the level of the Portuguese player.

The 25 million euros PSG is willing to pay are adjusted to market. And white leaders have made the accounts. Kaka, who signed for six years, has come at a cost of 31.5 million euros in the three seasons he has been in Real Madrid club. He is in the middle on his contract and the proportional part of each season is around 10.5 million euros per each. If Kaka does not stay, it can be said that the cost of his move to Madrid did not exceed 32 million euros. Real Madrid can sell at a key moment with an offer whose income was not very clear.

Furthermore, in the economic return that generates this player, are the millions of euros that has generated by publicity. The image rights were shared by 50 percent and, despite his irregularity, Kaka remains an important source of income. He is still an icon.

Another thing is the 27 million euros Real Madrid has paid, in concept of salary, this three seasons. Kaka has the highest payroll in the white club squad (9 millions net), as Cristiano Ronaldo. Although his out would also mean a saving of 27 millions he would earns if he stays until 2015, ending date on his contract.

The pieces fit together. Real Madrid could open the door to a player for who bet strong but is no longer unchallenged in the team. Even Kaka recognizes it and has realised he needs an exit because he wants to play and has the objective of participating in the 2014 World Cup to be held in his country.

The PSG can give a decisive move to the operation in the next few hours and has also ensured the player that is willing to respect him the same salary as signed in Real Madrid. The tax system in France is different from Spain but Kaka is confident that he is going to continue earning those 9 million euros net.

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