Spanish League: New trophy for Real Madrid

Real Madrid will have a new Spanish league cup newly manufactured. Barcelona has achieved as owner the previous one by winning three consecutive leagues. So the jewelry at Madrid that works for the Spanish Footaball Federation (makes the League, Cup and Super Cup trophies) has had all year ahead to do another one. The trophy is made using hand-tools and the body is one piece made. Handles are manufactured with the help of templates and are also handmade. The base is wood. It is machined and it has a hexagonal plate where it is already engraved the name of Real Madrid as Spanish League champion 2011/12. It is the first to be put in this cup and will last at least two more years, if Real Madrid wins three straight titles.

Real Madrid trophy room with a Spanish League trophy
Spanish League trophy at Santiago Bernabeu stadium

The trophy arrived yesterday afternoon at the Bernabeu stadium. Tucked into a box, very clean and with two white ribbons, one on each side, waits until tomorrow, when will look and be displayed to the whole Real Madrid fans. The Cup weighs about 20 kilos (formerly weighed about 15) and is 65 centimeters tall. Will be on display at the Museum of the Bernabeu until next season and must be returned to the jeweler to retouch if have been some setbacks or damages and engrave the name of the next champion in other plate. Then, if Real Madrid cannot win next season, will receive a reply trophy, a few centimetres smaller, that will stay in the trophy room.

Real Madrid, with five, Barcelona, with four, and Athletic Bilbao, with one, are the only teams which are owners of a league trophy. To get the property of the trophy a club has to win three consecutive or to be the first team winning five alternative leagues of a cycle without another club in between with three consecutive wins because then the counter is reset. It is curious that Atletico Madrid has won nine leagues and do not have the league trophy in its stadium.

On the other way, in memory of Real Madrid is still the picture of how Ramos dropped the Spanish Cup (Copa del Rey) last year. There was a plan B and the team had a new cup in a few hours. For the league cup, there is also a reply trophy.

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