Real Madrid sale operation 2012-2013

Mourinho is clear about how many players the team will sign: "We will make two signings to strengthen the group" said recently, but hesitates about how many are going out. He gave some other indications: "Higuain and Sahin will not leave" he acknowledged too, what reduces the blacklist, but there are several white players who have nothing clear their future for next season.

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Adan wants to leave. The goalkeeper believes that he has completed a cycle and with 24 years, which will be 25 next Saturday, wants to go out to play minutes. His situation is reminiscent of Diego Lopez (current Villarreal's goalkeeper). This is a problem because Mourinho had the goal well defended and this would force him to sign other goalie. So he wants to convince Adan and Mourinho is willing to offer him to play the Spanish Cup from start to finish. Then there is the club, which is not going to give away. For less than two million euros is not going to transfer the player.

With Albiol is the same. Mourinho has no objection. He wants the player to stay because the coach values his commitment and professionalism, but the central defender is not ready to lose another year and wants to find a way out. Player's agent is scheduled to meet shortly at Madrid with the sport management of the club. Here the problem is the price of the transfer. Albiol cost 15 million euro just three years ago and the club will want to recover much of the investment. Among other things, to sell would require to sign, and sign well, because although Varane is a future option, can not remain as the only alternative for Pepe and Ramos.

The sale of Kaka is a very delicate operation. In Madrid the staff is very cautious and prudent. Here, what player thinks about is key. He has a score to settle with the fans and to himself and does not lose hope of succeeding in white. On the other hand, is the dream of the World Cup in Brazil, and he needs the minutes that Mourinho is not going to give him. After the decision of the player, who has a pending meeting with Mourinho to discuss his future, Real Madrid will move tab, but is clear that for less than 25 million euro, Kaka does not move. In this sense, the PSG is the only way today.

Lass Diarra will be a headache. Already last year the club got big problems to transfer him. After he wasted the whole summer pre-season wanting to go (he did not attend the tour throught U.S.A. and China) knocked down, at the last moment, the agreement reached between Tottenham and Real Madrid. The problem is that now Lass does not want to leave. He prefers to finish the remaining year of the contract and go free in 2013. It will be very complicated and much more earn some money with a player who cost 24 million euro.

Another problem is Altintop. The Turkish came free, but his salary is too high for the poor performance he has given. Mourinho bet on him for his experience and versatility, but could not make the most he would have liked. So, for what Altintop offers, the club is in favor of a youth squad player, who would be much cheaper. Further after the positive experiences of Granero and Callejon.

Finally there is the issue of Carvalho. Mourinho said he was renewed until 2013, but the club assumes that the announcement will not be a problem and the player will come out.

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