Mourinho: "I have never wanted to seem perfect"

Jose Mourinho gave an interview to Spanish newspaper ABC. He reviews the most important aspects of this year and says Higuain and Sahin will be on the team next year. He further acknowledges that Adam will leave the team because he wants to play more games and it is difficult with Casillas.

Jose Mourinho

"My objective is to try to win more league titles with Real Madrid. I am delighted to stay on. I needed to coach this team in order for my career to be complete, but winning with Real Madrid is more important than coaching or winning with the team"

"My objective was to win La Liga and now I want to try to win more championships with this side. I have two years left on my contract and my family and I are happy with a stability we never had before due to moving every two or three years. We are delighted to remain here"

"President Florentino Perez managed to achieve the difficult task of getting me excited about his project. He told me Real Madrid needed me and that I needed Real Madrid to round up my career after winning the Champions League with Inter Milan. I am grateful to the President for convincing me to take that step and for his support. Coaching Real Madrid has been, and will continue to be, the toughest job in my career"

"My life's objective is not to defeat Barcelona, but it was very important to win the league title in order to break their run of late. It was necessary for Real Madrid, in their condition of the most important club in history, to prevent their national dominance from increasing"

"It is very difficult to talk about cycles, but I do think it is clear that Real Madrid are better than they were two years ago. And nothing will be the same again. We have not won the Champions League, but this team did not even reach the quarterfinals a few years back, while we have managed to play the semifinals two straight years, losing one of them in the penalty shootout. Real Madrid cannot win all the time, but they should always come close"

"Tell critics to look at my results. The richness of my career comes from coaching in different countries. You cannot win in Spain if you play like you did in Italy"

"I have managed to transform the mentality of my players, who used to think playing flashy football was enough. It is not enough with me. Talent is essential, but emotion, ambition and feeling are as important. We have a very good staff comprising Rui Faria, Silvino, Morais and Karanka. Most of my players are now better than they were before they started working with me"

"I love Real Madrid's beautiful game. I like straightforward, dynamic, fast and intense football with fast transitions. I love the football Real Madrid have played this year. They have been similar to the Porto side with which I won the Champions League and the UEFA Cup"

Jose Mourinho celebrates the Spanish league championship

"Leading is difficult. You have to stimulate your men and show both sides with them. Casillas once said to me, 'There were times this season in which you put a lot of pressure on us and were rough on the the group.' I laughed, but I knew what I was doing and what I wanted to provoke. I also showed a gentler side, like when we lost against Bayern Munchen. 'Relax,' I said to them then, 'You have already won the league title.' You have to bring the best out of everyone. A coach who doesn't like to act this way with his players won't last too long on the team"

"I have very good memories of my time with Guardiola. I met him when he was a player and I an assistant coach. I have never wanted to seem perfect and I have never hidden my defects. I have not done this outside of football either. Nobody is perfect and I am not going to change at 49. I've always been indepenedent and I have never worried about personal attacks. They do hurt when my children read them, but I simply tell them nothing's the matter"

"You have to handle special responsibility to be a player or a coach at Real Madrid, but it helps you grow. The first time Florentino Perez spoke to me he said: 'If you want to be one of the best coaches in history you have to come to Real Madrid.' I agree. My credo is that people who work in football have to love the sport and Real Madrid or whichever club they're at. It is very difficult to achieve objectives without creating an ambitious atmosphere. Everyone here helped win the title. I told the President and Director General Jose Angel Sanchez months ago that I would stay on and that I had nothing to do with any club that wanted me"

"Higuain will stay on. He has a good contract for many years. The club may receive a 40, 50 or 60 million euro offer, but they will not sell. My two centre forwards next season will be Higuain and Benzema. That's all there is to it"

"Real Madrid are in the goalkeeper market because Adan doesn't want to continue on the team. I have to convince him, to stay. I have even asked Iker for help! There are no problems between Casillas and myself. The whole situation of having to look for a replacement for Adan became a story of wanting to get rid of Casillas in the press"

"Pepe had a great season and people should acknowledge that. Many in the situation he is been in and with everyhting he is withstood would have left for Italy or England. When we talked about his contract extension he always wanted to stay"

"Benzema is very good and he is responsible for his transformation. He managed to overcome the small fears and insecurities he had in his first two seasons on the team and had a great campaign"

"Sahin will also stay. He never had a full preseason with us, but he will now"

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