Real Madrid: Higuain is not for sale

Gonzalo Higuain at Cibeles

Higuain and his immediate future held in suspense to the Real Madrid fans, who saw signs and gestures in celebration of Cibeles which cast doubt on whether or not the Argentinian will start the preseason with Mourinho's team. Perhaps for these reasons the club has decided to position itself to prevent it from getting larger the ball over the uncertain fate that awaits 'Pipita' Higuain. From the Bernabeu stadium, members of the board send a strong message and very clear, "Higuain is not for sale. He has several years of contract and will stay here". To dispel the suspicion that this might be a strategic position to increase the value, the club insists: "If we set a transfer price, even indecent, we would be putting up for sale. No, Mourinho wants him. He can only go if someone comes with the 200 million euro of the termination clause".

The player feels loved by the fans, but not comfortable at all. He has felt as a substitute as usual from the beginning of the second round and against Bayern and Barca in the Nou Camp played just a few minutes. Higuain feels he has lost the battle with Benzema and therefore, the tempting offers that come (especially from PSG) raise questions about his departure. "If we sell him, for instance, by 50 million euros, we are going to have to spend another 50 to sign a new player who could not suit the team. Would be a mistake to let him go". In the upset of Higuain is also the low salary compared to some players who are in a hierarchy similar to him. After last year's renewal he earns 3.8 million euros and his claims would be around 5 million.

Sources from the locker room downplay the situation: "Pipita has not told us to go to leave, nor his teammates think he will leave in June. The gesture of the shirt in Cibeles was just the opposite has been said. His teammates wanted to convey affection after the informations about his departure"

Higuain's older brother, Federico, who plays as midfielder for Colón de Santa Fe in Argentina, said: "My brother Gonzalo is not going to leave Real Madrid. He is very comfortable and quiet here, where he is beloved. At this moment he is not going to go". On the relationship Gonzalo-Mourinho he said: "The press is very misleading. Not everything the papers say is true".

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