Ricardo Kaka: The saddest end

Kaka is living his most difficult days as a player of Real Madrid. The Brazilian is happy for the league title, which has enjoyed celebrating in Cibeles, but at the same time is sunk by his personal situation. The white '8' knows that he is not important for Mourinho and that the season ending he is doing is not helping to reverse the situation. The player does not perform and Mourinho does not forgive.

Mourinho with Kaka talking on the bench
Kaka with Mourinho on the bench

Kaka has played only three of the last eight games for Real Madrid this season. Three games against Atletico, Bayern and Granada where he has been pointed out by Mourinho and the fans. At the Vicente Calderon was replaced in half time after a gray first half. The same happened on Saturday in Los Carmenes against Granada. Real Madrid was losing after the first 45 minutes and Mourinho did not hesitate to let him in the locker room.

Against Bayern in the second leg, Kaka was a substitute and Mourinho put him on the field at 75 minutes thinking it could be the day of the Brazilian. The Portuguese looked to the bench and saw the Golden Ball 2007, an expert player in the Champions League, and thought that would still have his night of glory with the shirt of Madrid. But Kaka came out and sank. He tried everything and did not achieve almost nothing. And to make matters worse, missed a penalty in the fateful shootout. The Bernabeu stadium saw everything.

Kaka, above all things, has some clear his desire to continue at Real Madrid. The midfielder said he is happy for the league title, another success for his career, although he admits that his role on the team has overshadowed that success. "It was very nice despite not being the star of the conquest. It is something different from what I was used" he says, although he prefers to be positive and says it is "a great motivation to go back to being a main piece of the team".

Now it's wait and see what happens with Kaka this summer. The player knows that Real Madrid wants to sell and he is aware that its cycle in the white team is close to come to the end, but his departure will not be so simple. The PSG wants him, but Madrid will try to get the most for the Brazilian, who cost 67 million euros. Be seen to the true interest of the French team, that would have to pay Kaka a salary of 10 million euros per season.

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