Nuri Sahin: A new crystal player?

Nuri Sahin will be two months out. The Turk will stay, in the best case, half a year away from the pitch. It is not the first time a player just signed for Real Madrid faces a long string of injuries. This is the story of a club in which nobody wants to belong; that of the eternal injury.

Real Madrid crystal players: Prosinecki, Woodgate and Robben
Prosinecki, Woodgate and Robben

In modern history, this club was inaugurated by Robert Prosinecki. The Croatian was an obsession for Ramon Mendoza, who invested 2,500 million pesetas (15 million euros, 1991) in the player who, according to his plan, would make Real Madrid, Champions of Europe. 'Prosi' had achieved this with Red Star Belgrade. The 'Butragueño's Five' could not win the trophy year after year.

However, Prosinecki barely played with Real Madrid. In his first season, three games and one goal against Barcelona with his specialty, free-kick. He suffered injury after injury, all muscular. Doctors at Madrid changed his diet, teeth and even the way of walking and running. The player was subjected to all kinds of tests, but none offered a diagnosis of his fragility, so they sought a psychological explanation: the stress of playing in Madrid was killing him. It may well be: in Oviedo, with less pressure, offered his strongest performance in Spain. But when FC Barcelona, ​​at the express request of Johan Cruyff, recruited him, the muscle injuries went back.

But, Prosinecki played 60 games in three seasons with Real Madrid. Numbers that Jonathan Woodgate could never dream. As Sahin and Altintop, the England defender arrived injured at the Bernabeu. In principle, for a few weeks, then became a few months and at last a full season. So, he debuted with Real Madrid a year after his arrival, in a league match against Athletic Bilbao. What a moment¡ He made ​​an own goal and was sent-off.

Nevertheless, Woodgate, whocost around 20 million euros, enjoyed some continuity in that second season. He played 12 games, made ​​his only goal in white at a match of Champions League against Rosenborg, until he reinjured. A back problem forced him to undergo surgery and ruined his chances of traveling with England national team to the World Cup in Germany 2006. Also ended his time at Madrid. The club decided to transfer him to Middlesborough. In his first season in England he played 36 games, but then came the nightmare. Last season, with the Spurs played just one match. He had a dream: to play against Real Madrid in Champions League. He could not due to injury.

The last case of player prone to injury is that of Arjen Robben, who joined Real Madrid in 2007 in exchange for 36 million euros. The Dutchman had already been preceded by a reputation for crystal player that was confirmed at Madrid, where he suffered nine lesions, all muscular in nature, in less than two years. As Woodgate, made a remarkable first season after being transferred to Bayern in exchange for 25 million euros, but played the last World Cup in difficult physical conditions and after the event in South Africa, a new muscle injury healed badly, left him out of any club competition for several months.
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