Lass Diarra completes a 23 players squad

Real Madrid finished drawing up the template, just in time, with the outs of Gago, Drenthe and Pedro Leon, confirmed the last day. Lass will finally play for the white team. He becomes the Mourinho's player number 23. The coach thought the French player was important since the beginning, but it was the player who wants to participate more minutes, asked to leave the team and not to travel to American Tour with the team for preseason training.

Lass Diarra stays in Real Madrid
Lass Diarra will play for Real Madrid this season

The midfielder (26), who cost to Real Madrid 20 million euros in December 2008, has been sought by many teams in Europe, including Milan, Galatasaray, Manchester City, Fenerbahce, Roma and the best of France. But Tottenham Hotspur was the team that came closest, having reached an agreement to sign him for 12 million euros. Lass himself broke the operation, as the English club did not equal his salary at Real Madrid: 3.8 million euros per season. He stays because did not find another option. And even last Tuesday, was offered by his agent to Malaga, but the operation was declined.

Now, Lass will have to work hard to catch up with the rest of the template. He has done little preseason. He remained in Madrid training with the discarded players. He wanted to saty with the excuse of dealing with others teams. And the club allowed him aware that he was leaving. Even the night that Real Madrid palyed the Bernabeu Trophy, for example, he flew to Nice to see his brother, althought the next day there was a training session, and he was called up. Yesterday, when it was known that he stays, he worked with the group for the first time. He will change his number 10 by the 23 because Özil must keep 10 with which the German was inscribed on the Spanish Super Cup.

Lass was an important player for Mourinhoin the second half of last season. He started 12 of the last 18 days (only seven within the first 18), was also starter in the semifinal round in the Champions League against Barcelona. But this summer, the French did not trust the minutes he could have in the future. His relationship with Mourinho has been uneven. In the first half of the season, upset by not playing and suffering mysterious injuries. Then, Mourinho was not interest in him despite the player was recovered.
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