Mesut Özil: "Real Madrid can win all the titles this year"

Mesut Özil

Today, German football hopes to qualify for the EuroCup tournament against Austria...
If we use our potential in the field, we will get the three points, that's for sure. But Austria it's a team that plays very well and will fight hard.

You go back to Gelsenkirchen, your hometown. Will you feel something special tonight?
Sure. I played at Schalke. My family and friends will come to the stadium to watch the game. I am delighted to be here again.

Real Madrid has started the season with a crushing victory, 6-0 in Zaragoza, and playing good football. What did you think about the headlines in the newspapers about you?
I'm glad I played a good game. But the praise must go to the team that supported me all the time. Impossible to play best.

How do you explain the great physical condition with which you have just started the season?
I'm in great condition, better prepared than ever. Last year we had a long involvement in the World Cup (semifinalist), then I started training with Werder Bremen and later in Madrid. This year everything has been different. It's been a tough preseason.

The trips to U.S.A., to China, the time difference... It was nice but also very exhausting.

Is that why Low did not call you for the match against Brazil?
Yes, that was fine. So other players could play. They had a spectacular performance against Brazil.

You have become more mature from you are abroad...
I had learned a lot in Bremen and Schalke, but abroad is something else. I am very happy with how things have gone for me. I feel really good in Madrid and, of course, very happy to play for Real. People are very friendly and in the meantime, I do better with the language.

You lost the Spanish Super Cup against FC Barcelona. Is Real Madrid again one step under the big rival?
I do not think so. Naturally we would have liked to win the Super Cup. But we saw in the two games that we are very close to them, we can compete with them. It will be very interesting to see the League, Champions and Spanish Cup titles. We want all three and I am sure we can win.

Whence comes this optimism?
We must not forget that the Barcelona players have been playing many years together. In these two years, Real Madrid has made many signings, but you can see that we understand each other better on the field, we are much stronger. We have taken a step further on last season.

Is also the German national team one step closer to the Spanish?
Yes, we are very regular, we won almost every game against great national teams. We can believe in ourselves and believe in ourselves. It is time for Germany to get a great title. And I am sure.

If you could get a title this season, which would you choose?
I want all.
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