Jose Mourinho: "There are not untouchable players"

On the eve of the premiere of a new Spanish League season in which is shaping up another challenge against Barcelona, Jose Mourinho spoke to the newspaper 'El Mundo' for open-heart talk. He looks everything from the conviction of someone who exposes his truth.

Jose Mourinho

He believes that there are more lies than truths about himself: "But it's part of the game, of life. Unlike other leagues in which I trained, I think this is like a smear campaign. It is an unequal struggle with all the stones thrown against me, I could make a monument".

Mourinho, however, feels strong: "I am happy here, very excited. I have a feeling of being in the right place. I do not change it for anything. I can be wrong, but always say what I think, what I feel, without fear of consequences. I should have lived 100 years ago".

One of the most controversial chapters he has lived since he came to Madrid, was his relationship with Valdano: "With his departure has changed the structure, we work differently. Changes are being made I believe can be beneficial for Real Madrid".

The substitution of Casillas in the Santiago Bernabeu Trophy has given rise to many comments: "Iker is ahead, but I do not want untouchables. We should not be mistaken, most important thing here is Real Madrid. The goal is not a fertilizer you buy. Neither the goal nor the side midfielders nor front".

He considers that the team has improved: "The team does not work as a year ago. The team should be able to add to its game things that it had not early last year. And it is doing".

Mourinho also referred to the 'false' Real Madrid fans, of those he spoke in his letter after the incident with Tito Vilanova: "There are fans that show themselves as the best Real Madrid fans and are the first to turn away. For the enemies, I launch a bid: Match that referees give to me, match repeated". And, of course, a reference to Barcelona: "It's a team that plays the same competitions. One thing that no changes is that Barcelona wins when plays well and win playing badly. I do not believe this will change".

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