Sergio Ramos and Pepe: Happy with their renewal

Sergio Ramos and Pepe were very satisfied with their contract extensions until 2017 and until 2016 respectively. Pepe valued his contract extension: "Mourinho has been important, but I was here before coach. I arrived, showed my football when everyone had doubts and I've finally been able to renew. I was sure that was on track and now I am overjoyed because I will be where I always wanted to be, Real Madrid".

Meanwhile, Sergio Ramos said: "It has cost and has been delayed, but my idea has always been spend many years here, to renew and enjoy the Real Madrid and that my name can live here for many years. I have always felt renewed, least important is when. This was delayed because I had no concern. I was just focused on playing football and when the work was done, I could sign the contract extension and for a long period of years".

Pepe and Ramos very happy in Los Angeles

Both, as major players in the template, rated the signings of Coentrao and Varane, who will accompany them on defense. The Portuguese spoke of his compatriot: "He's a great player but still has a lot to learn. We will try to integrate him. He will give us a lot of work and creativity. He will help a lot".

Sergio Ramos analyzed Varane, whom he calls Rafa: "He's a young boy with a lot of future. Everything that is to sign youth and future, and if he comes recommended by Zizou, is good for us. Now we must help him to be integrated into the template. He's fast, strong and with good ball pass".

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