Chelsea is still interested in Kaka

While Jose Mourinho has decided to give a second chance to Kaka, Real Madrid's Brazilian footballer is still one of the Chelsea's options to strengthen its midfield, especially if English team misses its attempt to sign Tottenham's Croatian player Luka Modric.

The British media link the future of both players, and the continued interest from Chelsea for Kaka has been reactivated after Tottenham has rejected his latest bid for Modric. Roman Abramovich's club could have offered 30 million euros, five million more than the initial offering of 25, made ​​only a month ago and also rejected by the Spurs.

At the moment, Tottenham remains firm in its stance and has said publicly that the player is not transferable, although Modric has shown his willingness to change of scenery. Thus, while Chelsea will not raise its offer, it seems that nothing will change, what has meant that the new coach of the 'Blues', Andre Villas-Boas, is weighing the possibility of changing the target and try the signing of Kaka, whose play has always enjoyed an extraordinary fame in Stamford Brigde, especially since the stage of Carlo Ancelotti.

Ancelotti and Kaka. Milan AC
Ancelotti and Kaka

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