Fabio Coentrao: "I have quality to play for Real Madrid"

Coentrao is training with Real Madrid at UCLA facilities
Fabio Coentrao

The last signing of Real Madrid wants to prove he is worth 30 million euros that the club paid for his transfer. He said this during a press conference along with Carvalho after the third training day in Los Angeles.

You have spent a few days in your new team, what do you think about Real Madrid's template?It is a fantastic group. I am feeling great, not only by the Portuguese and Brazilians. I feel great in this group. It is a fantastic club and a team with high quality. I am proud to be here, but I have to work hard from now.

Here you smile more than in Benfica...
It is not true that I was sad at Benfica. It's normal to smile, I'm in the best football team of the world with 23 years, a great jump in my career.

Real Madrid paid 30 million euros for you. ¿Pride or pressure?
Whenever I hear the issue of 30 million... They say it was expensive. I can not answer this question. Time will tell. I have the certainty that I have quality and I want to show everyone why they paid 30 million. I have to prove to everyone that I have qualities to be here. I have the certainty that I will respond in the future this question and say it was worth paying the money for me.

What has been most special moment so far?
All training sessions. All times are fun here, although I've only been four days. It's a new group for me and I know I have to work hard these days.

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