Neymar: Santos and Real Madrid negotiated in Paris

Real Madrid and Santos are still negotiating for Neymar. Florentino Perez and Luis Alvaro de Oliveira, presidents of both team, met in Paris on Wednesday to discuss the future of the Brazilian international.

Neymar: Copa America 2011

Neymar is now the major objective of white team and Florentino Perez has decided to accelerate the arrival of striker to the Santiago Bernabeu stadium. The meeting served to bring positions closer, but at no time they reached an agreement for the transfer. Santos insists that wants the 45 million euros buyout clause and Madrid aims to reduce this amount.

Real Madrid president plans not to speed up the stages to reduce the price, but is willing to pay 45 million if this is the only way to sign the great Brazilian star. The arrival of the player would also be in the air. Santos wants that Neymar stays until January (FIFA Club World Cup), while Jose Mourinho accepts this condition... in return for Real Madrid signs Emmanuel Adebayor.

On the other hand, in the Spanish media it is said that Real Madrid and Neymar have reached an agreement on the contract that the player has to sign when the white team pays the buyout clause. It will last six years, the player will be paid with five million euros per season and will hold 50% of the publicity generated.

Meanwhile, Santos is doing all the force to convince him to stay at least until the Club World Cup. They want to renew him by offering more money, but with a new clause of 60 million euros. Santos knows that Neymar has no benefit from the payment of the buyout clause and therefore he is in no hurry to decide.

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